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Golden Criminal Lawyers

The criminal defense attorneys at Decker & Jones are dedicated to representing you in the most effective way possible. We have extensive experience negotiating and trying serious criminal cases.

However, we also know that no matter how big or small the accusation, a criminal charge is always a very big deal to the person charged.  While much of our practice is focused on the clients who need a life saving lawyer and a life saving trial, we also currently accept a number of misdemeanor domestic violence, third degree assaults, driving under the influence and other traffic cases.  We find that nothing good comes from little effort and not trying to change the hearts and minds of those who have the power to impact your life.  We don’t come to Court pounding the drums and threatening litigation.  We come to Court seeking reason and fairness.  We go to trial when reason and fairness cannot be attained any other way.

Whether you seek a dismissal, a fair plea bargain or a trial, with Decker & Jones you have your best shot at getting the result you want.

Knowledge is Power: Contact the Denver Defense Attorneys at the Law Office of Decker & Jones

If you have been contacted by a Detective investigating a serious criminal offense such as a sexual assault, attempted murder, murder or assaults with serious injuries, it is imperative that you call us immediately before you waive your rights and discuss the matter with the police.  It is not the job of the police to protect you in situations where you are being accused of a serious criminal offense.  Often times they won’t tell you if you are being accused until it is too late.  They don’t have to tell you anything.  They don’t even have to tell you the truth. Their job is to build a case.  Once they have a case they will charge and/or arrest you, whether you talk to them or not; don’t believe anything different.  If they already have a case against you they are only looking to get a statement from you in order to ice their already well formed cake.  You are not talking your way out of a situation where they already have a case built up against you.  Detectives and some police officers are highly trained interrogation experts.  Their questions are designed to get you to say something that looks bad for you and is good for them.  Many innocent people say very incriminating things in adverse circumstances.

If you have been booked and released on a felony drug offense, it is time to call us.  You may have been offered certain deals to cooperate with law enforcement.  You have to understand that the police are not bound by the promises they made to you.  That is why you don’t have a contract and that is why they haven’t put their promises in writing.  Call us before you act.  If you’ve been formally charged with a serious felony drug offense, call us.  We can get you and your case on the right track.

If you are in jail, call us to discuss your matter.  Our office accepts collect calls from county jails.  If you’re not getting a fair shake, we will try to find one for you.  Have a family member contact us and we will come out and see you to get things started.  Time is of the essence if you are in custody.  We know that as you are there, things unravel around you.  If you are not a danger to the community and you are good on your word to appear in court when required, we can make efforts to get you out as soon as possible.

If you have been arrested or ticketed for a less serious matter like domestic violence, or other assaults that do not involve serious injury it is likely the police have already completed their investigation at the scene of the incident and by now, you have either talked or not.  If for some reason you haven’t yet made a statement, don’t until you call us.

Likewise, there is usually very little police investigation conducted of charges that involve driving under the influence or other traffic matters.  If you’ve been charged with one of these offenses, you have likely already made the decision to talk and/or take tests.  Call us immediately to discuss where we can go from here.  It is essential to act soon as the Courts will not hold things up very long waiting for you to obtain an attorney.  Another good reason to contact us soon is because there are steps you can take that will improve your case.

Maybe you’ve been convicted and you think that you were not treated fairly.  Convictions of those who are innocent is a reality in this country that and it happens far more times than DNA can catch.  Call us and we can discuss your case and go over how your conviction occurred.  There are time limits on many requests for relief, so call us soon.

No matter what the situation, if you find yourself facing the potential loss your life or your liberty at the hands of the government, you should call us soon because Knowledge is Power.

For your convenience, we have offices located in the cities of Denver and Golden.

We accept credit cards and will create payment plans for clients in need.