Alimony / Maintenance

Spousal Support (or Alimony) in Colorado is Known as “Maintenance”

Do you qualify for alimony or spousal support, known as “divorce maintenance” in Colorado? To determine whether or not you qualify, the court will consider these three things:

  • Do you have insufficient resources to reasonably care for your reasonable needs?
  • Are you unable to support yourself through appropriate employment?
  • Can the other spouse provide support?

In Colorado, there is no set law for maintenance; instead, each case is determined on its own merits. Divorce maintenance may be ordered indefinitely or temporarily, and will end upon death, remarriage, or other terms as specified by the judge.

A presumption of need exists when the parties combined earn less than $75k, and a mathematical formula is used to calculate the amount of divorce maintenance that is awarded, though the court has the liberty to deviate from that calculation if the amount will be unjust or inequitable. Divorce maintenance is separate from child support, so the issue of determining a fair amount can become somewhat complex. This is exactly the reason that the state provides latitude to the court in making the final decision, but it’s also the reason why having experienced legal representation is crucial to ensuring that your needs are thoroughly considered whether you are the one seeking divorce maintenance or your spouse is seeking maintenance from you, especially in terms of permanent orders.

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