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Posted on | 10 Feb 2018 | decker_admin

Internet crimes can take many forms

Committing crimes involving the Internet is a relatively new phenomenon and can encompass a broad range of both misdemeanor and felony charges. Penalties can range from a slap on the wrist to severe fines and prison time if convicted. Internet… Continue reading

Posted on | 8 Jan 2018 | decker_admin

Domestic violence issues demand immediate attention

In Colorado, domestic violence cases are fast-tracked due to the serious nature of the crimes and the far-reaching implications they might have. Domestic violence can affect parenting rights, employment, current living situations and in some cases, a person’s gun rights.… Continue reading

Posted on | 7 Nov 2017 | decker_admin

The other benefits of hiring a criminal defense lawyer

You’ve been charged with a serious crime and you have the means to hire a top flight criminal defense attorney. It pretty much goes without saying that you’re going to get what you pay for in terms of a great… Continue reading

Posted on | 30 Oct 2017 | decker_admin

Sorting out child abuse charges

Accusations of child abuse are always filled with high degrees of emotion that can tug at the heart strings of a judge and more importantly, a jury. Unfortunately, there are many times that children are used as pawns in battles… Continue reading

Posted on | 2 Oct 2017 | decker_admin

Important elements in mounting an effective drug crime defense

While it’s true that recent changes in the law have softened their stance toward the use of marijuana in Colorado, people should not assume that this attitude has spread to other types of drugs as well. Make no mistake about… Continue reading